Please Join the Troops Home Fast By Fasting for at Least One Day

Dear Friends,

We've marched in rallies, lobbied Congress, gone to jail, and much more to stop the devastating war in Iraq and bring our troops home. Now it's time to do more.

CODEPINK and Gold Star Families for Peace, together with activists across the country, will be starting an open-ended hunger strike, called Troops Home Fast, on July 4th. We will start the fast in Washington DC, in front of the White House, and then move to Camp Casey (outside Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas) in mid-August. We hope the fast will galvanize public attention, invigorate the peace movement, and build pressure on elected officials to bring our troops back home!

As a sign of solidarity, we are asking you to join us by fasting for at least one day. It could be on July 4, our launch date, or any other time during the summer. You can fast from wherever you are, or better yet, join us in Washington DC or Crawford, Texas. We've already received commitments from wonderful allies such as Susan Sarandon, Willie Nelson, Danny Glover, Dick Gregory, Dolores Huerta, Eve Ensler, as well as military veterans, religious leaders, students, and women's groups.

Thank you for considering our request to fast for one day as a symbol of your support for the Iraqi people and our soldiers, and your commitment to bring our troops back home—FAST! You can either contact or call 415-575-5543.

Warm regards,

Cindy Sheehan
Gold Star Families
Diane Wilson, Medea Benjamin, Jodie Evans, Gael Murphy
CODEPINK: Women for Peace