A message of healing to the victims of the Tsunami

All of us at CODEPINK wish to express our deepest sadness at the incomprehensible tragedy of the recent tsunami.  We are sickened knowing some of the world's poorest, war torn peoples, who already dealing with so much are faced with such devastation.  Sadly, we don't have the resources to take the lead on many issues that we find critical, such as this one,   But we are committed to do our part to speak out when necessary to help ensure that the victims are treated with respect and dignity and that the relief and reconstruction efforts foster self-governance and local autonomy. 

As our many CODEPINK delegations to Iraq have shown us firsthand, corporate profiteering legitimized by the cloak of “reconstruction” is a reality.  We will keep a watchful eye on potential corporate “disaster profiteering” in tsumani-torn regions, as well as child slave trafficking of orphaned children, and other potential abuses and injustices. Because we know without justice in all its forms there can be no peace.

We'll do whatever we can within our means, even if to call your attention to the issues and direct you to organizations who are working directly on them.  We call on our sisters and brothers in the peace movement to do the same.  For now, we can help you participate in the relief efforts in a way that is resonate with all of our goals for peace – to donate to relief agencies that are working to help local folks maintain their independence and self-efficacy as much as possible amidst the relief efforts. These agencies have a longstanding reputation that makes us confident the monies given to them will be honestly and well spent.  

In sadness and hope for healing,
Andrea, Carol, Claire, Dana, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Tiffany

Via Campesina  - the global alliance of peasant, family farmer, farm worker, indigenous and landless peoples organizations, and other rural movements - calls for solidarity with the millions of people affected by the tsunami disaster and is launching a global fundraising campaign to channel assistance to affected communities of fisherfolk and peasants, for their own relief and reconstruction efforts, through grassroots organizations.

We ask for your donation for direct emergency support to provide basic needs of food, clean drinking water, shelter and health care to affected fisherfolk and peasant families, as well as to help us initiate the long term work of reconstructing our own communities and rebuilding our livelihoods. http://www.viacampesina.org

Sarvodaya, a Ghandian-inspired Sri Lankan organization with the largest community network in the country. It's doing massive relief mobilizing and 100% of the money they collect is going toward these efforts.  http://www.nonviolentpeaceforce.org/english/help/donatetosarvodaya.asp

Nonviolence International
Nonviolence International-USA has been working in Aceh for five years. As of Dec 29th, most of their staff in Aceh were missing. NI has established a relief fund for the victims and survivors of the earthquakes and tsunami in Aceh. Donations to the Aceh Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund will be distributed directly to Acehnese humanitarian aid agencies. Funds can be sent via the website at http://www.nonviolenceinternational.net, or checks can be made out to

Nonviolence International,
PO Box 39127, Friendship Station,
Washington, DC 20016, USA.