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Travel to Iran with our sister organization Global Exchange.
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Why a Reality Tour to Iran?

Did you know that more than half of Iran's university students are women? That Iranian films are considered among the best in the world? Or that despite censorship, most Iranians openly express their views about their government? Since the 1979 Revolution and overthrow of the US-backed Shah, Iran and the United States have severed ties and few Americans visit Iran to explore the country's rich historic legacy and the complexity of its society.

Contrary to popular Western perception, the vast majority of Iranians are eager to rebuild relations with the United States and are extremely hospitable to Americans. In this time of increased political tension between the US and Iran, American travel to this misunderstood country helps establish the people-to-people ties that facilitate understanding and peace between the countries.

Join Global Exchange's Reality Tour to Iran and:

  • Learn about women's advances and struggles under the Revolutionary government and the work of non-governmental organizations.

  • Explore Iranian poetry, music and bazaars.

  • Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Iranian people.

  • Embrace the beauty of Iran's mosques, palaces and natural landscape.

  • Become fascinated by Persian history on a journey from modern-day Tehran to ancient cities.

  • Read a past participant's article about her experience in Iran.

How is a Reality Tour Different?

By traveling on a Global Exchange Reality Tour you will be able to visit Iran's well-known sites while at the same time adding a deeper dimension to your understanding of the country, its people and culture through meetings with Iranians. We arrange for you to meet with women's groups, academics, environmental NGOs, artists, and ordinary Iranians, giving you the opportunity to explore Iranians' views on the revolution, the impact of US-Iranian relations on their lives, and their hopes for the future. We try to meet your personal interests as much as possible by requesting input from you, the participant. Prior to departure we will provide you with a reader on Iran with articles about Iranian history, current events, art, culture, and the history of US-Iranian relations.

Program Highlights:

  • In Shiraz visit the ancient ruins of Persepolis and the tomb of the world-renowned poet, Hafez.
  • Learn about the ancient Zoroastrian religion, which is still practiced by a minority of Iranians. Learn about the religion's contribution to Iran's current culture and visit the Towers of Silence in Yazd where Zoroastrians once left their dead for the vultures.
  • Explore bustling bazaars and learn about the important role they play in Iranian commerce and culture.
  • In Tehran visit beautiful gardens and museums, including the Abbasee Museum which houses pottery, jewelry and ancient calligraphy from the Quran.
  • Stroll through Tehran's famous Sadabad Palace (summer residence of the Ghajar Dynasty Shah) and the Golestan Palace.
  • Meet with women's organizations and community groups to learn about the role of gender and religion in Iranian society.
  • Learn about Islam as practiced in Iran. Visit beautiful mosques decorated with intricate and colorful mosaic designs.
  • Visit an Armenian church and learn how this Christian minority lives among the Shiite Muslim majority
  • Chat with Iranians at one of the teahouses tucked underneath Isfahan's Si-O-Se Bridge or at the Khan Hamum bathhouse in Yazd.
  • In the past, participants have requested to meet with doctors, artists, teachers, poets filmmakers and others. Whenever possible we try to meet your interests by arranging such meetings.

Cost: Varies, from $2150 - $2400

Price Includes:

  • Price includes accommodations in 3-4 star hotels, all program activities and entrance fees, three meals per day, in-country transportation, qualified trip leader, English-speaking guides, assistance with acquiring visas, and a reader on Iran.
  • Tips, international airfare, visa fee, and personal expenses are not included.
  • Price is based on double room accommodations; add $425 for single room.
  • A limited number of partial scholarships are available for low-income applicants.
  • Contact trip coordinator about an optional 4-day tour extension to the Caspian region.

How to Register:

  • To reserve your space on this trip, submit your registration and a non-refundable deposit of $200 at your earliest convenience. Due to the length of time it takes to acquire visas, we must receive your application and deposit no later than two months before departure. Payments by Mastercard or Visa are welcome.

  • In order to be granted a visa for Iran, participants CANNOT have evidence of travel to Israel in their passports. Please contact the tour coordinator if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport.

  • A limited number of partial scholarships are available for low-income applicants if you are traveling as part of CODEPINK.

  • Make your reservation online at the Global Exchange website. See 

  • Contact Sanaz with any questions about this trip, or call toll-free 1-800-497-1994 ext. 251. Please tell her that that you were referred by CODEPINK.