CODEPINK Tackles Condoleezza Rice

Contact: Medea Benjamin (415-235-6517)
Andrea Buffa (510-325-3653)
Nancy Mancias (415.342.6409)
Dan Hatch (513-315-5029)

May 27th, 2005

While Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was speaking in San Francisco at the Davis Symphony Hall today about freedom, democracy and American diplomacy, four people associated with the peace group CODEPINK and the human rights group Global Exchange stood up on chairs dressed in the black hoods and capes that have come to symbolize US torture of prisoners in Iraq. They were protesting the abuse of prisoners in Guantanamo, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as on the on-going occupation of Iraq. “We hold Condoleeza Rice responsible for dragging our country into this illegal war that has led to the death of over 1600 US soldiers and many thousands of Iraqis, and has sparked anti-US sentiment around the world,” said Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK.

"I am appalled by the recent reports of detainees being killed by US troops in Afghanistan. Torture and death have nothing to do with the Bush administration's so-called policy of 'freedom and democracy,'" said Andrea Buffa of Global Exchange

As they were being led away by security guards, the activists chanted "Stop the Torture, Stop the Killing, US Out of Iraq." They were held for questioning.

The activists are Medea Benjamin, founding director of CODEPINK; Andrea Buffa, communications director of Global Exchange; Nancy Mancias of CODEPINK; and Dan Hatch of Global Exchange, All are available for interviews at the numbers above.

You can also call Global Exchange at 415-255-7296 and speak to Executive Director Kirsten Moller.