For Immediate Release: September 16th, 2007
Contact:  Medea Benjamin (415) 235-6517
Dana Balicki (202) 422-8624
Gael Murphy (202) 412-6700

Members of Congress Inducted into the Hall of Shame

CODEPINK, anti-war groups tell Congress to ‘shape up or we will vote you out'

CODEPINK Women for Peace will lead a coalition of anti-war groups on a tour through the halls of Congress on Monday afternoon targeting members who are staunch supporters of the Iraq war, encourage military strike against Iran, violate civil liberties, and those who receive oil and defense monies, andl induct various Members of Congress into the People's Hall of Shame. The delegation of about 50 women and men from around the country will visit their representatives (House and Senate side) to shame them for misrepresenting the will of the American people. A special visit is planned to Ike Skelton's office who just last week used profanities when referring to the CODEPINK women present at the Petraeus hearing.

WHEN: Monday, September 17th, start at noon, rally at 1:30pm. Press availability at both times and locations
WHERE: Lunch meeting at Rayburn Office Building Cafeteria at 12pm
Rally at entrance of the Rayburn Office Building on Independence Ave at 1:30pm
WHO: CODEPINK Women for Peace leading a delegation of approximately 50 women and men, members of ANSWER and other peace groups
VISUALS: Some out-of-touch Members of Congress will be given EXIT STRATEGY certificates with a ‘how to' for exiting the Hall of Shame as well as some suggestions on getting out of Iraq; pink costumes, singing. Great photo opps!

The guided tour will include office visits to Republicans and Democrats. Some reps on the list are: Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) who supports proposals to exempt the CIA from any ban on torture, Senator Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn) who has called for military action on Iran's nuclear facilities and has repeatedly threatened Iran as response to alleged involvement in attacks on Americans in Iraq and other Members of Congress.

"Many people in Congress have become totally disconnected from the people. We see this in their support for the war in Iraq and a new war in Iran, and for taking away our precious civil liberties," says CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin. "We'll be inducting these out-of-touch reps into the People's Hall of Shame and telling them to 'shape up or we'll vote them out. We here in Washington, D.C. must take the halls of Congress back for the People!” says Desiree Fairooz, CODEPINK DC Coordinator.

CODEPINK is the national women's peace group that has most recently garnered international attention when its members "disrupted" General Petraeus' report on Iraq. Started in the lead-up to the Iraq war, CODEPINK has inspired thousands of women throughout the United States and the world to make the color pink synonymous with political rabble rousing.