Action To Honor American Values on Independence Day

This July 4th, a diverse coalition including individuals and organizations ranging from Eve Ensler, Gloria Steinem, The Center for Constitutional Rights, CODEPINK, The Culture Project, Not In Our Name, United For Peace and Justice, and WEDO (Women's Environment & Development Organization) (more names to be added) are asking people across the United States to join the call to shut down the Guantánamo  prison camp and demand an immediate independent investigation into the widespread  allegations of abuse taking place there.
Guantánamo has become a world-wide symbol for the current Administration's arrogant disregard of basic human rights. In the past weeks, world leaders including Presidents Carter and Clinton have joined leading human rights groups in calling for the closing of Guantánamo and other illegal prison facilities around the globe. 
Countless others have joined the call for an immediate independent investigation and/or special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate the numerous allegations of torture and abuse taking place on Guantánamo.   Torture is not the American way and we as concerned members of the community must take a stance to take back our country and the values it was founded upon over 200 years ago.
This Independence Day, American flags declaring: "Torture Is Immoral and Unpatriotic, Shut down Guantánamo" will be distributed across the country and displayed in a show of support for the democratic values outlined in our United States Constitution. Ordinary citizens are mobilizing to read from testimonials of Guantánamo detainees, their families, and their lawyers this July 4th in a show of support for the laws under which this country was founded.
Join us as we gather across the country to stage rallies, readings, and other activities in our communities.  We will be gathering signatures for a petition to Congress, and following up on Tuesday, July 5th with a massive telephone and online campaign to members of our Congress to call for an end to torture and the closing of all offshore, illegal detention centers.
These July 4 & 5 actions are just the beginning of a growing movement 
- Join Us, Help Shut Down Guantánamo! Help spread forward this email to your friends, family, colleagues and bring this action to your community. Over this holiday weekend, take one step in the name of democracy and freedom.
Fliers, the petition, and  "Torture Is Immoral and Unpatriotic, Shut down Guantánamo" American Flag, will be available for download at the Guantánamo Action Center:
In New York City:
JOIN: Eve Ensler, Gloria Steinem, Center for Constitutional Rights, CODEPINK, The Culture Project, Not in Our Name, United for Peace and Justice, and WEDO
WHAT:  Readings from testimonials of detainees, their families, and their lawyers.
WHEN:   Monday, July 4th, 2005 10am – 12NOON
WHERE: 34th Street and 6th Ave., New York, NY