CODEPINK Returns to Miami to Call for Arrest/Extradition of Terrorist Posada Carriles

Contact: Medea Benjamin (415) 235-6517
Nancy Mancias (415) 342-6409

February 7th, 2008

Demand that Miami Police Guarantee their Safety

What: Re-launch of Anti-terrorist Campaign

When: 11am, Saturday, February 9

Where: Versailles Restaurant (3555 SW 8th St), Miami

Purpose: On February 9, CODEPINK: Women for Peace—the most visible anti-war group in the United States—will rally outside the Versailles Restaurant in the heart of Little Havana, calling for the arrest of infamous Miami-based terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

A similar gathering planned for January 12 was cancelled when the CODEPINK vehicle was assaulted by a violent mob while the police simply stood by. The following day the women were pelted with eggs and water bottles outside Versailles. Moreover, after their appearance on a conservative Spanish-language TV talk show, they received numerous death threats. The police and FBI agents who had promised to provide protection for the women failed to do so.

Appalled at their treatment, CODEPINK has been working with the Miami ACLU to receive the proper police permit and adequate police protection. Pro-Posada group Vigilia Mambisa has taken out a permit for 500-800 people for the same place at the same time. “Unfortunately, Miami has a history of allowing violent attacks against free speech,” says CODEPINK member Tighe Barry, who has been negotiating with the police and Community Relations Board. “We are determined that this time, our right to free speech and free assembly is respected.”

CODEPINK will also be showing a new, feature-length film, "Posada Carriles: Terrorism Made In USA," that documents his dirty deeds, including the bombing of a civilian airliner, the bombing of hotels in Havana, and the torture and murder of left-leaning students. The film will be shown at the Miami University Law School on Thursday, the offices of Radio Miami on Friday, and Florida International University on Sunday.

CODEPINK is calling for the FBI to put Posada Carriles on the Most Wanted List and for the U.S. government to arrest or extradite this dangerous man to Venezuela, where he is a wanted on 73 counts of first degree murder.

“George Bush has said ‘We will not rest until we eliminate the terrorists and rout them out.' Yet Posada Carriles—known as the Osama bin Laden of Latin America—lives freely in Miami,” says CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin. “The Bush administration's failure to detain or extradite Luis Posada Carriles makes a mockery of the war on terror. All terrorists must be brought to justice, and that includes Posada Carriles.”

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