CODEPINK to Larry Summers at Economic Club talk today in DC: "When will everyday Americans be bailed out?"

April 9th, 2009

Jean Stevens, CODEPINK media coordinator, 508-769-2138
Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK co-founder, 415-235-6517

CODEPINK to Larry Summers at Economic Club talk today in DC:
"When will everyday Americans be bailed out?"

WASHINGTON -- At Larry Summers' "State of the Economy" address at the Economic Club on April 9,  two CODEPINK activists walked on stage with a bright pink sign reading, "We want our $$$ back!"

Elizabeth Hourican, of Arizona, and Tighe Barry, of Los Angeles, interrupted him during his response to a question of whether a second economic stimulus would needed. Through their sign and presence, Hourican and Barry intended to represent the voice of the American people, angry at the government's bailout of mismanaged banks and insurance companies with taxpayer money, rather than bailing out small businesses, homeowners, students, people without health care, and people in Iraq and Afghanistan devastated by war.

They also meant to highlight the close ties between Obama's economic advisors and Wall Street, and the shame that Summer earned $5.2 million last year working one day a week as an advisor to the very hedge funds that have bankrupted our economy. Meanwhile, more and more Americans have lost their jobs, homes, health care, college loans and more through the failures of mismanaged corporations and failed economic policies.

On April 8, CODEPINK members also intervened when the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, was speaking at an Institutional Investors Conference, holding up the same “We Want Our Money Back” sign. They asked Mr. Blankfein to return the $10 billion in TARP funds and the $13 billion in AIG funds that his company took from the taxpayers.

As outlined in its mission statement, CODEPINK works to create a world of peace. This includes ending war, of course, but also includes a government that does not bail out failed corporations and instead funds universal health care, public schools, green jobs, and the rebuilding of the country's infrastructure we so desperately need.

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