August 14, 2009


It's so frustrating watching angry voters at town hall meetings spouting ridiculous accusations like Obama wants to euthanize the elderly and turn this country into Russia. And it's ironic to see the right contorting leftist tactics. In a memo Rocking the Town Halls, a group called Right Principles urges its members to “Use the Alinsky playbook,” referring to Saul Alinsky, the guru of 1960s grassroots organizing whose work influenced community organizer Barack Obama.

Let's not be out-organized by violent, right-wing tools of insurance corporations incited by Fox News. It's time to get out from behind our computers and get into town halls, rallies, Congressional offices, the streets. Let's not cut off debate with senseless shouting and threats, but open the debate to include calls for Healthcare Not Warfare and Medicare for All.

Find a townhall near you and bring your peaceful, educated voice to the debate--be the change you want to see

Listen to Medea on NPR's "Tell Me More": What Happened To Polite Protest? Discussion with Medea Benjamin

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Tell your rep we need $$ for healthcare not warfare

One woman who tried to open the single-payer debate was Dr. Carol Paris. At a Senate hearing on May 5 where Medicare for All was not even on the table, Dr. Paris stood up to demand a debate on the single-payer optionl. She was charged with disorderly conduct but was proud that she had stood up to the insurance industry. We need hundreds like Dr. Paris at town hall meetings around the country!

Let's take inspiration from that great woman who--in the 1920s--was denounced on the Senate floor as the “grandmother of all agitators”: Mother Jones. Mother Jones always had sound advice for her union members: “Don't Mourn, Organize.”

Here's to a healthy debate!
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Jodie Evans: Pelosi is an expert on 'drowning out opposing views'
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Find your local townhall--go be the peace & change we want to see!

Tell your rep we need $$ for healthcare not warfare





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