Expose the Naked Truth about BP's Oil Spill Catastrophe

“Expose BP. Expose that Drill, Baby, Drill means Spill, Baby, Spill. After all, what's at stake is nothing less than our planet. And that's the naked truth.” ~ Diane Wilson, CODEPINK Cofounder and Texas Gulf shrimper

On May 28, 2010 CODEPINK New York Protested Outside a Manhattan BP Station.   Read news coverage below!

Top Kill by Electric Black from Electric Black on Vimeo.

Hundreds of New Yorkers Bring Public Outrage to BP
Press Release, May 28

Activists Condemn Oil Spill At Manhattan BP Station, NY1.com

Youtube Video

On May 24, 2010 CODEPINK brought national public outrage about the catastrophic BP oil spill to BP's doorstep at their headquarters in Houston, TX.  Read news coverage and see photos below.  

The BP oil gusher is just the latest in a long line of assaults on the Gulf of Mexico, By Diane Wilson, Grist.Org, May 28, 2010

CODEPINK Brings Public Outrage to BP in Houston
Press Release

Let's Get Crude, AlterNet
Huffinton Post (with Video)
By Jodie Evans, AlterNet

The Naked Truth About BP, Feminist Peace Network

Spill baby spill, feministe.us

Naked Activists Protest Gulf Spill at BP Headquarters (Photos), Treehugger.Com

Protesters demand BP be shut down over oil spill, Houston Chronicle

Group Protests In Front Of BP's Houston Headquarters, 39online.com

The Naked Truth of it All...
Diane Wilson blog on the PinkTank

Semi-naked protesters descend on BP headquarters
Chron.Com (Includes Video)

Protesters pose nearly naked at BP HQ

Protesters bare nearly all at BP's Houston office, Reuters

Watch more videos of our action in Houston!

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