Detroit Community to Dance on the Grave of the Hummer

Contact: Medea Benjamin, 415 235 6517
Rae Abileah, 415-994-1723

June 25th, 2010

Dance Party Celebrating A Healthier Planet & Success of US Social Forum

What:  The Hummer is Dead Dance Party—Goodbye Gas-Guzzlers, Hello Clean Air!
When: Saturday, June 26, 12 pm
Where: Heidelberg Project, corner of Heidelberg and Ellery Streets, Detroit

This week, just one month after the last Hummer rolled off the production line, the women's peace group CODEPINK gave the Hummer a proper burial. Now, this Saturday at 12pm, Detroit community, musicians and participants of the US Social Forum will converge and dance on the grave of the Hummer after marching in the March & Mass Demonstration to End the World's Biggest Waste Incinerator.
 The Hummer art installation includes a real Hummer buried in the ground at the world-famous Heidelberg Project. The Hummer is painted pink (to symbolize peace), and overflowing with plants, flowers and butterflies to symbolize a more sustainable, green future.

“After a full week of participating in the US Social forum, focusing on creating new solutions for green energy, healthy and just economy and jobs for all—we will celebrate our revived vision for a new world by dancing on the Hummer's grave,” says CODEPINK organizer Rae Abileah.

CODEPINK has had a decade-long campaign encouraging people to reject the Hummer and is ready to celebrate its demise. “The Hummer was the symbol of a macho, gaz-guzzling, war-glorifying era that is thankfully coming to an end,” says CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin. “We say ‘No more wars for oil, we want a green, peaceful future.'”

There will be music, festivities, great photo opportunities and plenty of interview possibilities with Detroit locals and organizers from around the country.