Marching for Jobs, Not War: National Mobilization for Economic Justice Includes Demands to Bring Our War Dollars Home!

Contact: Dana Balicki,, 202-422-8624 Joan Stallard, 202-422-6275
September 30th, 2010

On October 2, CODEPINK and a nation-wide coalition of peace groups will unite in Washington, DC with labor, civil rights, immigrant rights, environmental, and other progressive organizations to call for jobs, peace, and justice for the One Nation Working Together march, initiated by organizations including the NAACP, AFL-CIO, and National Council of La Raza.

List of events:

  • Oct 1, 8-9pm: Members of CODEPINK from around the country gather and prep for the march, making banners, practicing chants and songs! Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church (201 4th Street SE, Washington, DC)
  • Oct 2, 9:30am: Large, vibrant, visual display at the National Archives with the message Bring Our War $$ Home! (200 Constitution Ave, NW between 7th and 9th Streets, NW)
  • Oct 2, 10:30am: the Peace Movement march to One Nation Rally (on the corner of 14th and Constitution Ave., NW)
  • Oct 2, 5-10pm: Alice Walker, Furious Dancing Event at Bus Boys and Poets. (5th and K St. NW)

“Our economic crisis is in large part due to the massive amount of money we've been spending on war," said CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin. "The recent 50,000 troop deployment to Afghanistan alone will cost more than $12 billion, money that could be used instead to fund 240,000 new green union jobs.  Marching with our sisters and brothers to demand an economy that works for all means putting an end to the war economy and spending our money instead on needs like job creation, education, and healthcare.”

“After nine years of war in Afghanistan, the American people realize that this is a war we cannot win and a war that doesn't make us safer at home,” said Zaccai Free, youth organizer for CODEPINK. “It's time we focus on real security: bringing our war dollars home and rebuilding America.”

Interviews are available with women traveling from more than twenty-six states, including: Arizona, Maine, California, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Florida and Maryland.

For more information, please contact Dana Balicki, CODEPINK Campaign Manager, at 202-422-8624 or visit For a listing of the broader One Nation Peace coalition see and