Golden Gate Walk For Peace in Solidarity with the Women Around the World for International Women’s Day

March 13th, 2011

Janet Weil; 925-212-7477
Chelsea Byers; 480-580-3968

Golden Gate Walk For Peace in Solidarity with the Women Around the World for International Women's Day

WHAT: Walk For Peace Across the Golden Gate Bridge to Celebrate the Week of International Women's Day

WHEN: Sunday, March 13th, Noon

WHERE: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California (meet at southeast parking lot in SF at 11:45am)

VISUALS: Women dressed as famous female peacemakers, with masks, signs, banners

Just five days after the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, CODEPINK and a contingent of allies will Walk for Peace across the Golden Gate Bridge Sunday, March 13th at noon. This walk, organized to demonstrate the power of women in solidarity around the world, will bring together Bay Area citizens to celebrate women's important contributions to peace and social justice movements.

International Women's Day, created in 1911, has turned into a century-long platform for discussion and demands for the betterment and equal opportunity for women around the world. To celebrate the successes of International Women's Day, past, present and future, Codepink will honor the lives of courageous women who have made significant impact in creating a more peaceful and just world.

Using masks, costumes and ethnic dress, participants will transform this month's Walk for Peace, by dressing up or embodying the persona of famous women peacemakers throughout history. Join Aung San Suu Kyi “Malalai Joya”, “Barbara Lee”, Rachel Corrie, Susan B. Anthony and many other important figures as we Walk for Peace in honor of women peacemakers and all women around the world. There will be a rally at the end of the walk, where participants will share stories, words and quotations from these amazing women of past and present.

March organized by Bay Area CODEPINK Women for Peace.