For Immediate Release: September 9th, 2011
Contact:  Melanie Butler (212) 300-2397
Nancy Mancias (415) 342-6409


Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern and CODEPINK Activist Nancy Mancias Confront Rumsfeld for his Complicity in War Crimes


New York, NY September 9, 2011-- Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern and CODEPINK activist Nancy Mancias disrupted Donald Rumsfeld at '9/11 A Decade Later' – a lecture at the Kaufmann Concert Hall on Thursday evening. The discussion was hosted by the 92nd Street Y.

When the conversation turned towards Bush's decision to invade Iraq after 9/11, Ray McGovern rose from his seat and stood in silent protest at the front of the auditorium wearing a Veterans For Peace t-shirt. He remained standing for about ten minutes until he was escorted out by six NYPD officers.

During the Question and Answer period, Rumsfeld addressed a question from the audience regarding his thoughts on those who regard him as a war criminal. He responded “I think I'll count them as undecided.” At that point, CODEPINK activist Nancy Mancias stood up in the balcony and yelled “Wait a minute! I have over 100 arrest complaints for you” and threw 100 pink arrest complaints over the balcony, showering the auditorium. As she was dragged out by NYPD Mancias continued to yell: “It is known that you are a war criminal. It is known that there were no weapons of mass destruction. It is known that Iraq was not a threat” – her statements reference Rumsfeld's latest book title Known and Unknown.

The women's peace group CODEPINK has made headlines with their protests of George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Karl Rove at book signings all around the country. Watch Wednesday's coverage from the CODEPINK/Cheney book event at and see how CODEPINK activists are moving Cheney's new book to the Crime section in bookstores