For Immediate Release: October 4th, 2011
Contact:  Medea Benjamin, 415-235-6517
C.J. Minster, 310-995-2991

CODEPINK Occupies City Squares to Mark 10th Anniversary of Afghanistan War

Washington, D.C. October 4, 2011 - CODEPINK is marking the tenth anniversary of the Afghanistan War by getting in the streets and demanding change. From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy DC in Freedom Plaza to Occupy Together events across the country, CODEPINK women are on the front line of the movement to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and bring the money home to create jobs, fund education, provide healthcare, and protect the environment.

“A decade of occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, expending thousands of our soldiers lives and trillions of our taxdollars, has left us bankrupt. It's time to stop occupying other nations and instead occupy our own city squares, demanding an end to these wars,” explains CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin.

CODEPINK has been part of Occupy Wall Street since September 17 and its members are participating across the country in Occupy Together events. On Thursday, October 6 CODEPINK will begin Occupy K Street in Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC to end the wars and re-focus U.S. policy on human needs, not corporate greed.

“We are connecting the greed of Wall Street with the greed of war profiteers, who have been making a killing from these endless wars,” said CODEPINK organizer C.J. Minster. “We are standing up and demanding an immediate end to war and the beginning of a sustainable, renewable economy.”