Wrong Bush Arrested at Bush Library Opening in Dallas


April 25, 2013

Contact: Alli McCracken, CODEPINK National Coordinator


Jodie Evans, CODEPINK Co-founder


Wrong Bush Arrested at Bush Library Opening in Dallas

Dallas, Texas – During the opening dedication ceremony of the George W. Bush Library & Policy Center in Dallas, Texas, Dennis Trainor Jr. of Acronym TV and Gary Egelston of Iraq Veterans Against the War wearing Bush and Cheney papermache impressions, were brutally arrested for walking off the curb.  The Bush and Cheney characters were in the custody of CODEPINK Co-founder Medea Benjamin, dressed as a pink police, who was forced back to the sidewalk while the Dallas police dragged Trainor and Egelston to the ground.  "It was an appalling use of brutal force immediately.  What happened to a warning or a request 'Sir, hands behind your back'?" said Medea Benjamin, who is still recovering from the whiplash of the event. 

Photographer Bill Perry of Veterans for Peace followed the action into the street and was also arrested.  He is just recovering from an illness so fellow Veterans were pleading with the police to release him, but to no avail.  

Gary Egelston is a resident of Dallas/Ft Worth area and has served 2 tours of duty in Iraq.  

CODEPINK activists and allies have been using the opportunity of the opening of the new George W. Bush Library & Policy Center in Dallas to bring attention to the injustices committed by former president George W. Bush and his administration, particularly the invasion and destruction of Iraq and the use of torture directed from his office.

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