Delegate Biographies

Pam Bailey (Arlington, Virginia)

Pam Bailey is a freelance journalist and film producer who left a corporate career in 2009 to devote her skills to educating Americans about the consequences of U.S. foreign policy. She travels frequently to Palestine, and has lived and worked in the Gaza Strip for up to six months at a time. After the delegation to Pakistan she will be going directly to Gaza to represent the U.S. in a model UN program designed to educate Palestinian youth about the workings of international law.

Tighe Barry (Los Angeles, California)

Tighe Barry has been as an artistic director and prop man in Hollywood feature films for 20 years, working on films such as Fugitive, Under Siege, Kingdom of Heaven, Collateral Damage, Universal Soldier, Terminator and Batman. He has also worked on TV shows, including as Melrose Place, X-Files and Monk. He is an activist with the peace group CODEPINK, and an organizer for the Washington D.C. group Occupy Freedom Plaza. He has led seven delegations of Americans to Gaza, including a delegation to build playgrounds for the people of Gaza. In 2007 he was in Pakistan supporting the pro-democracy movement of the lawyers and students.

Medea Benjamin (Washington, DC)

Medea Benjamin is the cofounder of the creative women-led peace group CODEPINK and the international rights organization Global Exchange. A former economist and nutritionist with the United Nations and the World Health Organization, Medea has authored and edited eight books with her latest being Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control. In 2010 she received the Martin Luther King Jr. Award for her peace activism and in June of 2005 she was one of 1,000 exemplary women from 140 countries nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize collectively. Robert Naiman (Urbana, Illinois)

Robert Naiman (Urbana, Illinois)

Robert Naiman is Policy Director at Just Foreign Policy and has worked as a policy analyst and researcher at the Center for Economic and Policy Research and Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch. Naiman also edits the Just Foreign Policy daily news summary and writes on U.S. foreign policy at Huffington Post, Truthout, Al Jazeera, and Common Dreams. He is President of the Board of Truthout.

Terry Kay Rockefeller (New York, New York)

Terry Rockefeller is a documentary film producer whose work is often seen on PBS. Terry's sister, Laura Rockefeller, was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Since May of 2002, Rockefeller has worked with September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows to honor her sister's life and try to insure that other families throughout the world do not experience the tragic and violent deaths of their innocent relatives. She works with the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative to support the work of human rights, women's rights, trade union and environmental activists in Iraq. Terry has joined with other 9/11 family members to protest the lack of due process of law in the military tribunals that have been convened to try those accused of 9/11 related crimes and to work to shut down the detention facilities at Guantanamo. She speaks regularly about the need for nonviolent responses to terrorism, reliance on the rule of law, and pro-active efforts to address the root causes of hatred and violence.

Jodie Evans (Los Angles, California)

Jodie Evans is co-founder and co-director of CODEPINK and has been a peace, environmental, women's rights and social justice activist for forty years. She has traveled extensively to war zones promoting and learning about peaceful resolution to conflict. She served in the administration of Governor Jerry Brown and ran his presidential campaign. She has published two books, “Stop the Next War Now” and “Twilight of Empire,” and has produced several documentary films, including the Oscar-nominated “The Most Dangerous Man in America” and Howard Zinn's “The People Speak.” Jodie is the board chair of Women's Media Center and sits on many other boards, including Rainforest Action Network, Drug Policy Alliance, Institute of Policy Studies, Women Moving Millions and Sisterhood is Global Institute. She is the mother of three.

Ann Wright (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Ann Wright has been a career military woman, a State Department diplomat, and for the past few years an influential spokesperson in the anti-war movement. She spent 29 years in the Army, retiring as a Colonel. She also spent 16 years in the State Department, serving as a foreign diplomat in countries such as Nicaragua, Somalia, Uzbekistan, and Sierra Leone. She was on the team that reopened the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan in December, 2001, after the fall of the Taliban to US forces. She resigned in protest on the eve of the US invasion of Iraq. Since then, she travels and lectures on foreign policy issues. She is coauthor of "Dissent: Voices of Conscience", the stories of those in the Bush administration and other governments who have had the courage to speak out.