CODEPINK Activists Stage Creative Protest Outside Annual Drone Lobby Conference

August 8, 2013

Contact: Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK Cofounder, 415 235 6517,
    Noor Mir, CODEPINK Anti-drone Campaign Coordinator, 845.625.3725,

CODEPINK Activists Stage Creative Protest Outside Annual Drone Lobby Conference

What: Drone protest
When, 12 noon, Tuesday, August 13
Where: Washington Convention Center, Washington DC

Washington, DC-- On Tuesday, August 13 at noon, while the powerful drone lobby will be meeting for their annual conference in Washington DC, CODEPINK and other human rights activists will be outside the Washington Convention Center protesting the manufacturing and use of killer and spy drones across the globe.

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) conference is sponsored by, and will feature, manufacturers of some of the world's most terror-inducing killing and spying machines. Activists will protest the use of unmanned vehicles that operate in defiance of domestic and international law, maim and kill innocent civilians overseas, and illegally spy on people across the globe. CODEPINK and allies plan to don drone costumes and utilize other creative visuals, and they will engage with some of the 8,000 attendees as they enter the conference.

Particularly disturbing to activists is the massive expansion of the drone industry in just the last few years, to the point where over 75 nations now possess this technology. In pursuit of money and influence, the drone lobby ignores the nightmare possibilities posed by this rapid proliferation. “The global use of drones has started a new era of science fiction-like warfare that removes us even further from the human face of death and destruction. In my home of Pakistan, we are seeing an increase in terrorism and anti-American sentiment, and drone strikes have been cited as the main reason. We can't let this continue.” said Noor Mir, the CODEPINK anti-drone campaign coordinator.

“The companies that the drone lobby represents are some of the top campaign contributors to many politicians, especially those who are members of the “Drone Caucus” in both the Senate and House,” said CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin, author of Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control. “As long as the weapons manufacturers are buying off our elected representatives, we can expect to be stuck in a state of perpetual war and violence. The American people deserve to know about the driving forces behind our foreign policies, which include dangerous lobbies like AUVSI.”

CODEPINK has been campaigning against the use of killer and spy drones for several years. The organization hosted the first-ever international drone summit in 2012, and has since taken delegations to Pakistan and Yemen to meet with survivors of American drone strikes. More information about the CODEPINK anti-drone campaign can be found at