Women of Juárez

This page is dedicated to the murders, disappearance and ongoing investigation of hundreds of women in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Check back here often for upcoming CODEPINK actions regarding the women of Juárez. If you are interested in getting more involved with CODEPINK's Women of Juarez Campaign, contact info@codepinkalert.org.   


Since 1993, more than 320 women have been murdered in Ciudad Juárez, the sister city of El Paso, Texas.  Of these deaths, approximately 100 have been sexual-torture killings of young women, ages 12 – 19. Four hundred and fifty more women are missing and unaccounted for.  In addition to this, eleven young women are missing in Chihuahua City since 2000 and four have been raped and murdered. It is feared that these crimes are linked to those of Cd. Juárez.

Nobody takes responsibility for solving the cases. Corrupt police are in cahoots with the public prosecutor's office. Outdated laws and powerful drug cartels have allowed the perpetrators of these heinous assaults to go free. Publicly, victims are blamed for dressing provocatively or for being out too late. Sixty percent of the victims are factory workers, yet US-owned maquiladora factory managers deny any responsibility in caring for the security of their female employees. The maquila association sued the city to avoid paying for streetlamps and security cameras around job sites. A local judge, citing Chapter 11 provisions in NAFTA, agreed. According to the judge's order, factories are not liable for security expenses, so there are no lights, no cameras and no action supporting women's security.

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Altar Project
In preparation for the March on Juarez, the folks at the National CODEPINK office put a call out for people unable to attend, to send in homemade items to be used in an altar displayed in Juarez. We were overwhelmed and moved by your response.

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