People's State of the Union 2008

Celebrate Bush's LAST Sorry State of the Union!

Bush gave his final State of the Union address at 9 pm EST on Monday, January 28, 2008.  CODEPINKers gathered at a friendly bars or restaurants to watch the President's speech and to celebrate the LAST Sorry State of the Union!

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January 28, 2008:

Sorry State of the Union Photos
Los Angeles and
San Francisco CODEPINK Parties!

To view above photos by Rae Abileah in Flickr, click here.
Fun Games for Your Party:

A new twist on an old favorite: Political Bingo!
Every time President Bush mentions a bingo square topic in his speech, mark it off. Throw in fun prizes for the winners and have instant, endless entertainment for your State of the Union Party!

Download and print off colorful bingo cards below!
Bush Card Condi Card

Play a State of the Union Drinking Game!
Click here for instructions. (NOTE: This is from last year but it still works just as well!) 

Keep a scorecard
Make a list of some key phrases you think Bush will say many times throughout the night and keep a running tally of how many times he says each.  Needs: Hot pink poster board or paper, black markers. 
Suggested words: Surge, Iran, “sectarian violence”, Baghdad, terror, election, “nukular”, bipartisan, oil, God, sacrifice, evil, Al Anbar Province, Gen. Petraeus, intelligence, Burma, Pakistan, Musharraf.
See this website for an indepth analysis of key words in presidential State of the Union addresses.

Give your own State of the Union address!
As President Bush is outlining his vision for the country in his annual State of the Union address, what changes would you like to make to foreign policy, the tax system or health care? Are there other issues that you think deserve more attention?  Plan to give your own Sorry State of the Union and Hopes for the Future statement at the end of his speech.  Invite your local news stations to come to your party and add your spin to the coverage of this event!  If you would like help contacting reporters in your area, contact our national press coordinator, Dana, at dana[at]