Valentine's Day Kiss-In at Military Recruiting Centers

"Don't Enlist, Stay and Kiss!  That way everyone makes out!"  Travis, Iraq Veteran Against the War, and his partner Vee

This February 14th, CODEPINK held public kiss-ins in front of military recruiting centers from Berkeley, CA to Gainesville, FL!  These actions helped raise awareness on the dangers of joining the military and exposed the lies recruiters are forced to sell to make their quotas.  Students, veterans, activists, and concerned citizens joined together to speak out against the war... and to make out, not war! 
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 Here's how to organize a kiss-in:

Get a group of friends together and pick a time and recruiting center location that works well for everyone.

Create banners.  Here are our suggestions: 
    • "Don't Enlist, Stay and Kiss!  That way everyone makes out..."  
    • "Make out, not war!" 
    • "Love the troops, Hate the War" 
    • "Military Predators Out of Our Community!" 
    • "Make Love, Not War"
    • "Marines/Army out of ____ (YOUR CITY)!  Marines/Army out of Iraq!  Help us take our city back!"
    • Download our 8.5"x11" action signs- print on pink paper and take to your action or put up in your window!

Plus, create and print out some fliers to take with you to hand out to potential recruits and the public.

Spread the word!  Create fliers with your event info OR use our Make Out Not War: Top 8 Lies Recruiters are Forced To $ell You to Make Their Quotas flier-print and distribute.  Post your action on our national calendar and local calendars.  Click here for a sample online event posting from Berkeley Kiss-In organizers, Travis and Vee. 

Alert the press.Download our sample pres­s release and send it out to reporters in your area.  For help contacting local press, contact our press coordinator, Dana, at dana[at]

Act!  Gather at the recruiting center, unfurl your banners, and kiss!  You can also deliver a broken heart to the recruiters.

Debrief.  Gather at the end of your action in a circle and invite participants to share their feelings and thoughts on how the action went. You may want to suggest starting a weekly vigil outside the recruiting center. For help planning ongoing actions, contact locals[at]  

Share. Share your photos, news coverage links, and report back with CODEPINK on our Local Spotlight.  Click here to add your story!

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