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Tue, Sep 2, 2008


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CODEPINKer Kathryn Milholland was apparently arrested last night, but according to Cold Snap Legal Collective, hasn’t been entered yet into their lists. They’re still waiting for calls that will allow them to confirm the entire list of arrested adults—they say very few people have called about women arrestees.

If you’re concerned about an arrestee, you’re encouraged to call the Ramsey County Jail: 651-266-9350 directly and demand they receive medical attention and speedy processing.

I’ve been informed by NBC news, who keeps calling me to factcheck things, that 9 people are in the hospital now, but there is no information about what hospital or where. Part of the problem, of course, is that in arresting our legal and medical support staff, the infrastructure put in place to deal with exactly these eventualities has crumbled.

Of course, I’ve been on hold with Ramsey County Jail for the entire time I’ve been typing this.

UPDATE: Milholland has been charged with felony riot, which means that we won’t hear anything more until noon tomorrow when her hearing is scheduled. I was assured that she’d be given three squares and medical attention, although concerns about her penicillin allergy were dismissed by the receptionist.

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  • http://myspace.com/codepinkucf Cristina

    Hey this is Cristina from CodePink UCF! I very very briefly got to talk to Kathryn today and she said she is doing okay and has been eating well (i believe vegan food:) I’ve been in touch with the jail a few times but unfortunately cannot pass along any messages to her. I’ll keep you posted if I hear from her again*peace*

  • Jay D. Jurie

    Kathryn Milholland is a very good friend from UCF CodePink. She will not be abandoned. We’re going to do what we can to look out for her and bring her back to Central Florida safe and sound!

    Jay D. Jurie
    Faculty Advisor, UCF Students for a Democratic Society
    Member, Movement for a Democratic Society

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    [...] to pin down the status of CODEPINKer Kathryn Milholland, arrested in the giant September 1st sweep that saw 284 others jailed on the fly, I called her cell, hoping she’d just, you know, pick [...]

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