Iraqi Ambassador Addresses CODEPINK’s Demand To Free Iraqi Journalist

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Tue, Dec 16, 2008

Press, War is SO over

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In D.C. this morning, the Iraq Ambassador to the United States, Samir Sumaida’ie, paused during a presentation to address a handful of women from CODEPINK who were holding signs in the audience reading “Free al-Zaidi” and “al-Zaidi speaks for me.” The signs were to show their support for the Iraqi journalist who was taken into police custody after throwing his shoes at President Bush during a Baghdad press conference on Sunday.

The Ambassador directly acknowledged the women’s presence in the audience. He called al-Zaidi’s act disgraceful and said the journalist was lucky that he didn’t try something like this under Saddam Hussein.

The BBC is reporting today that the shoe thrower has allegedly been beaten while in custody.  Al-Zaidi’s brother Dargham has reported that he has suffered a broken arm, broken ribs, and internal bleeding. “The only thing that will hopefully keep al-Zaidi from being swept up into an anonymous prison for an indefinite period, and even tortured, is the huge outpouring of support he has received the world over,” said Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK.

Al-Zaidi has received widespread attention and support both across the Middle East and the U.S. From protests across Iraq to widespread coverage in U.S. news to spontaneous groups on Facebook.

CODEPINK has begun a PETITION for people who agree with the anti-war sentiment behind al-Zaidi’s shoe-throwing action and call for his release without charge. The group will also visit the Iraqi Embassy in D.C. this afternoon to demand al-Zaidi’s release. On Wednesday, CodePink and other antiwar groups will gather outside the White House to display shoes representing the Iraqis and U.S. soldiers who have died since the Bush Administration’s invasion of Iraq.

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    [...] shoe-chucker and Sadrist Muntader al-Zaidi be released after his assault on President Bush. The Code Pink blog described the showdown: In D.C. this morning, the Iraq Ambassador to the United States, Samir [...]

  • matt merritt

    al-zaidi actions are wrong for many reasons. journalists are not supposed to be activist. he should be charged for something, pay a fine and fired as a journalist. it is great that code pink is holding the irag qovt accoutnable for al-zaidi welfare.

  • Judith Darknall

    The journalist Muntader al-Zaidi committed an illegal act, but many of us in the U.S. share his outrage that provoked the act. To ensure that he suffers no more retribution than he has already suffered, President Bush should pardon him. (This should be the only pardon that Bush issues.)

  • Artemis33

    Bush snuck into Iraq, unannounced, to sign a treaty with his puppet stooge aimed at institutionalizing the US occupation. He should be behind bars for his criminal war that has put more than 1.2 million Iraqi men, women and children in their graves.

    Al-Zaidi is a hero to all humanity, to all those who hate racism, injustice and oppression. His magificent act symbolized the courage of the Iraqi people who continue to resist US imperialism and colonialism.

  • http://planet Pino

    Free al-Zaidi” and “al-Zaidi speaks for me.”
    Greetings of Holland

  • Frank Walter

    Your Exellency Iraqi Ambassador:

    Please release from prison al-Zaidi, the hero who threw his shoes
    at the international war criminal george bush (the bush has not earned any respect from citizens on this planet after his savaging the people of Iraq. The British estimate the bush has murdered one million Iraqis).

    Saddam Hussein hurt thousands of people, killed maybe a hundred thousand, tortured people just as the bush has done, destroyed live just as the bush has done, and ranks with Hitler as a war criminal.

    Al-Zaidi is a world hero, not just a hero to Americans and Iraqis but to the whole universe.

    Frank A. Walter
    Let him go.

  • Bruce WIlkey

    Thank you Muntadr al-Zaidi for your soleful expression – wish I could do the same, but Bush would never face his own people. He only talks to militarists and in controlled/contrived fora.

    Be strong, we know they tortured the apology out of you. Such is the way of tyrants.

    You have spoken for millions and we all owe you.

  • http://www.thankyouforthrowingyourshoe.com David
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