Diane Wilson’s Statement to Sen. Murkowski

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Wed, Jun 9, 2010

Accountability, Oil Spill

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Diane Wilson, a fourth generation shrimper from the Gulf, poured oil on herself at today’s Senate Energy Committee hearing in protest to the committee’s co-chair  blocking the Big Oil Bailout Prevention Act. The co-chair, Republican Lisa Murkowski, blocked the bill that would have lifted the oil companies’ liability cap. Wilson was removed from the hearing and arrested. Read the post-action press release here.

Here is her statement to Senator Murkowski:

Diane Wilson, distraught shrimper from Texas, pours oil on herself at Senate Energy hearing

My name is Diane Wilson. I am a fourth generation shrimper from the Gulf. With this BP disaster, I am seeing the destruction of my community and I am outraged. I am also seeing elected representatives like Senator Lisa Murkowski blocking BP from being legally responsible to pay for this catastrophe. She stopped the Big Oil Bailout Prevention Act and wants to keep the liability cap at a pitiful $75 million. This is outrageous. How dare she side with big oil over the American people who have been so devastated by this manmade disaster.

Senator Murkowski, shame on you. You must stand with the shrimpers, the community, the wildlife, the earth, not big oil.

Over the decades I have seen the oil and chemical companies destroying our air, water, our wildlife–and the government going along with it. Politicians like Murkowski take campaign money from big oil and then get in bed with the same oil companies. This must stop. Our livelihoods, the health of our coasts and our childrens’ futures are at stake. Enough is enough.

Diane Wilson, founding member of CODEPINK, is author of An Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters, and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas.  Read her most recent article, “The BP oil gusher is just the latest in a long line of assaults on the Gulf of Mexico” published on Grist.com

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  • http://www.bluefestival.org Anne Mosness

    Diane is one of the planet’s most valiant,dedicated and truthful warriors for the environment and against heartless, dirty corporations.

  • Taylor Banaszak

    While I’m not usually a backer of extreme actions of any kind…I have to say “right on!” with this on. I’m puzzled why more people aren’t outrage…both at BP and at the lack of governmental response. Our representatives have been sucking resources out of big oil and bending regulations to the favorable for them for decades. It’s time we take back our government…last I recall it’s “by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE”…not CORPORATIONS.

  • codepinkalert

    Thanks Taylor! We gotta keep it going!

  • codepinkalert

    That's the truth! If you haven't yet, check out her book “An Unreasonable Woman”. You won't put it down!

  • Matthew Rollinger

    Not a big Murkowski fan. Don’t like people that want to make a career out of politics. Don’t like nepotism — would rather kids made their own mark on the world. That being said, I think a dehydrated turnip is better than Palin protege Joe Miller.

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