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City: Baltimore
Name: Beth
Email: bemm14 [at]
City: San Francisco
Name: Kelly
Email: darrion [at]
What we are doing:OSF Women's Alliance would like to celebrate women's strengths and promote women in leadership roles in our communities, in our government and policy making and in business administrations.
City: Columbia
Name: Deborah
Email: sandhillsmcp [at]
City: New Orleans
Name: Ali
Email: n7h1n6 [at]
City: Miami
Name: Sarah
Email: quantumdetective [at]
City: San Diego
Name: j
Email: jeriprop63 [at]
City: Tucson
Name: Mary
Email: mdecamp [at]
What we are doing:Finding office space. Yoga, meditation & teach-ins.
City: Ketchikan, AK
Name: Carolyn
Email: carolyndixon27 [at]
What we are doing:We don't have an Occupy here, but I would very much like to be kept informed about Occupy women's struggle to overcome the same kind of marginalization in Occupy as in the society at large.
City: Venice
Name: Jodie
Email: heartofj [at]
What we are doing:We just shut down 2 B of A's on IWD, we have organized for Chuck Collins to address GA next Thursday, we will be attending 99% trainings and in our pink for May Day and planning for a WO community event on May 17th.
City: New York
Name: Melanie
Email: wowsnyc [at]
What we are doing:Feminist GA, May 17th bringing together local feminist organizations to network and find ways to work in conjunction.
City: Chicago
Name: Occupy Chicago
Email: oc.genderequity [at]
City: Asheville
Name: Elizabeth
Email: emgoyer [at ]
What we are doing:We have a Womyn and Trans Empowerment Circle that meets weekly and is a support group/planning team for workshops about gender issues (birth control, consent, sexual harassment, etc)
City: Bonne Terre
Name: Allen
Email: allen [at ]
What we are doing:Global Peace.
City: Oakland
Name: Sophia Lianna
Email: kandell.sophia [at]
City: Philadelphia
Name: Xio
Email: xiojmartin [at]
What we are doing:The usual activist melange.
City: Washington, DC
Name: Eileen
Email: Eileenmaxwell94 [ at]
City: Cottage Grove
Name: Nancy
Email: mover460 [at]
What we are doing:Protect local post offices, protect public education, no more foreclosures, promote peace, move your money
City: Torrington
Name: Stephanie
Email: occupytorrington [at]
What we are doing:Helping to organize
City: Los Angeles
Name: Magda
Email: occupyfreedomnow [at]
What we are doing:women's circles women led GA's
City: Taos
Name: Bear
Email: occupyvision4life [at]
What we are doing:livestream broadcast channel, local and regional rights for our earth, water and air, women in media, agriculture, seed saving, decolonization, uranium mining, fracking, bomb building at Los Alamos national Labs, sustainability, education, equal access to broadband, Peace, Arts and Culture
City: New Haven
Name: Kathy
Email: kathysloan128 [at]
What we are doing:We have founded a Native American Women's Task Force working on sexual and domestic violence and denial of Plan B Emergency Contraception to Native American rape victims by the U.S. Indian Health Service.
City: Ukiah
Name: J. D.
Email: envwebnet [at]
City: Occupy Ogden and Occupy Weber State University
Name: Carol
Email: carolsullivan48 [at]
What we are doing:NDAA protest and student loan protests; also working with Salt Lake City group on Move to Amend initiative
City: Denver, CO
Name: Rita
Email: rewfirst [at]
What we are doing:I've never heard about the women at the Occupy movement. It's always been run by men!
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