Code Pink in Iraq

WOMEN'S DELEGATION January 24 - February 4, 2004
CODEPINK co-founder Jodie Evans is heading an all women's delegation to Iraq. They meet with representatives of a variety of Iraqi women?s organizations that are working on issues ranging from creating income-generating projects for women to organizing shelters for victims of domestic violence to raising women?s concerns in the writing of the new constitution.

November/December 2003 delegation
The group went Iraq to meet with and listen to Iraqis, the troops and US officials. They are currently traveling to Washington DC for meetings with Congress, the administration, and the press.

Message from Medea Benjamin, following her trip to Iraq
I'm on my way back to the US (in the Amsterdam airport) after an incredible trip to Iraq with the delegation of military families and veterans. We spent a week meeting with everyone from Ambassador Paul Bremer, the highest-ranking civilian in Iraq, to generals, US soldiers and all kinds of Iraqis. The delegates were wonderful and by the end of the week had formed a powerful bond with the Iraqi people.

June/July delegation