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Rally to support Oakland City Council Resolution for Peace with Iran

November 6, 2007
Oakland, CA

Oakland City Council passed a resolution for peace with Iran!

About 40 concerned Oakland residents and activists from CODEPINK Women for Peace, Global Exchange, Women of Color Resource Center, and many other groups gathered outside the Oakland City Hall this evening to support a resolution against a military attack on Iran. Oakland City Councilwomen Jane Brunner and Nancy Nadel introduced a resolution condemning US efforts to bomb Iran and interfere in Iran's internal affairs that was then unanimously passed at tonight’s city council meeting. Activists organized a rally before the meeting began to show support for this resolution from anti-war groups, Iranian community organizations, and Oakland residents concerned about the threat of a war with Iran. City councilmember Jane Brunner addressed the community rally before the meeting began. Concerned residents and activists, including Sanaz Meshkinpour, spoke in favor of the resolution during the City Council meeting.

“Directly to and with our locally elected officials, we are raising our voices to demand support for in-need communities at home AND not for greater war and violence abroad,” said Sanaz Meshkinpour, Middle East Reality Tours coordinator at Global Exchange. The $460 billion dollars the US has spent occupying and destroying the country of Iraq could instead be going education, healthcare, and stopping the violence at home. “We’re working with local governments, peace groups, Iranian organizations, Jewish congregations, and concerned citizens to send a clear message to Congress: Don’t authorize an attack on Iran!” said Rae Abileah, national organizer with CODEPINK and Oakland resident.

“City resolutions for peace with Iran allow local governments to support peace and diplomacy, and express opposition to further US military aggression,” stated Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK and Global exchange. One of CODEPINK’s best-known mottos (and the title of the group’s 2005 book) is Stop the Next War Now! In light of ongoing belligerent remarks of US officials and presidential candidates toward Iran, CODEPINK, Global Exchange and Cities for Progress launched a campaign to encourage cities to pass resolutions calling for diplomacy with Iran, not war. San Francisco and Berkeley have already passed resolutions against a military attack of Iran. In Richmond, Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and Councilmembers Tony Thurmond and Maria Viramontes of the Richmond City Council also introduced a similar resolution for peace with Iran.

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