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Counter-Recruitment at the MRS (marine recruiting station)

November 4, 2009
CodePINK East Bay
Berkeley, CA

Zanne Joi's report back:

About 10 of us stood from noon until 1:30 in front of the MRS, handing out flyers, reading over the megaphone some Allen Ginsburg poems, engaging in dialogue, mourning the loss of lives and the continuation & escalation of violence, and encouraging passers-by to “join us and work to END WAR NOW”.

‘Only’ one young man in danger of being recruited, wearing jeans and with hair too long to be active duty, hurried out of the recruiting station and carefully not looking at any of us.

The recruiters themselves never ventured out, and as they now lock their door, we are unable to enter!

Many drivers honked, waved, and took flyers. Several agreed to try to come and join us next Wednesday at noon.